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10000 Wala Crackers

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Diwali Dhamakka!!! buy now on chennai crackers online sivakasi.

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Meeyal Crackers offers garland fireworks of different length and they are always available for sale. Diwali is known for the use of firecrackers such as Diwali garland crackers during various celebrations. For New Year events and weddings, people buy garland crackers online to have more fun and create long lasting memories. The Wala denotes the number of bursts each firework offers. When you buy the garland type of crackers you will see numbers on them: 100, 2000, 3000, or 5000. They stand for the number of bursts. The amount of bursts varies and can go as high as 15,000 Wala.Now, take some time and choose the garland cracker you need.10000Wala are made by connecting 10000 red chemical filled tubes in a string. These crackers produce more sound and burst simultaneously for 10000 times. These crackers emit flashy lights with numerous sound effects while burning. The crackers spark internally at various intervals producing sparks of high voltage that create a cracking sound. Even though the crackers create various sounds, they don’t differ much from what you usually hear when other firecrackers are lit. The effect is like Multi sound with Flash. Stand 5 Meters away from the cracker to be safe.To ignite it use a long Agarbatti. For outdoor use only.Use only under close adult supervision.These walas are very famous and are used in marriages, festivals and all grand ceremonies.