60 Multicolour Shots


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How do you feel about some out-of-the-ordinary final flourish? We’ve already found and experienced it. Rest assured that your friends or guests will never forget the eye-popping barrage of colors provided by 60-shot cracker fireworks. Despite the impressive number of tubes, you do not have to light them all. There is a single fuse responsible for that. At Our store, you can find only high-class pyrotechnic items which will make your evenings brighter, louder and happier!. The 60Shot is made by fine craftman in sivakasi. The function of 60shot,goes up the sky to 50 ft and then given a burst for simultaneous 60 times, each time it produces different color balls and huge sound.Add this to your wish list and purchase from our Meeyal Crackers online site without any hassle. For better result use it at night time. Stand 5 Meters away from the cracker to be safe. To ignite it use a long Agarbatti. For outdoor use only. Use only under close adult supervision.