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India.com Fancy Color Crackling

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We’ve got different varieties of comet crackers, but all of these products share one common feature. They consist of a module, a fuse and pyrotechnic charges that cause burst. Therefore, every product is geared towards offering you a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Don’t lose your chance to select the 3.5inch comets cracker for sale online on our website.The India.com is a 3.5inch fancy which have 1piece in a box which is made by fine craftman in sivakasi.These types of comet crackers are pellets of composition which is propelled from a 3.5 inch shell. When propelled, they produce long tailed effect.The function of India.com comet, rising up the sky for 60 ft and 7Step Boom with Yellow Flickering effect display in the sky.Add this to your wish list and purchase from our Meeyal Crackers online site without any hassle.For better result use it at night time.Stand 5 Meters away from the cracker to be safe.To ignite it use a long Agarbatti. For outdoor use only.Use only under close adult supervision.