Safety Tips for the Diwali Celebrations

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Safety Tips for the Diwali Celebrations

  1. Use fireworks between 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM only.
  2. Abide by the rules and regulations imposed by government
  3. Use fireworks only under an adult supervision.
  4. Dispose of the fireworks properly after the usage.
  5. Never throw the fireworks on anybody.
  6. Read carefully the instructions printed on the label and follow strictly.
  7. Never try to re-ignite malfunctioned fireworks.
  8. Never carry fireworks in your pocket.
  9. Do not attempt or experiment to make your own fireworks.
  10. Have a bucket full of water nearby when using fireworks.
  11. Avoid usage of illegally imported china crackers.
  12. Wear cotton material dress while igniting crackers.
  13. Fire the crackers in open space
  14. Careful with the usage of rockets & display items near huts & EB lines

Enjoy all occasion’s safety with our fireworks


Happy Shopping! Happy Diwali!


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